Zielpunkt is now history: all stores sold


Zielpunkt, the third largest supermarket chain store in Austria is now a history. The company which announced bankruptcy during the end of November 2015 has sold all its 229 stores. Competition Authority which considered the acquisition of 98 branches and approved 90 of them.

Zielpunkt GmbH was an Austrian supermarket chain with a geographic focus in eastern Austria. Zielpunkt offered in its 254 stores to a food full assortment of approximately 6,300 articles on an average sales area of ​​500 m² and employed close to 2,707 people.

The bankruptcy court of Vienna has already given closure consent. The 229 locations have to been sold to competitors around 100 rental and lease agreements. The Federal Competition Authority (BWB) has completed the acquisition of 98 branches reviewed and approved 90 takeovers. The remaining acquisitions not fall under the authorization of the BWB.

According to the latest information provided by the BWB go 27 stores to the chain savings, originally wanted to saving 30 locations; and 25 go to Rewe (four Bipa), eleven of the Hofer discount (the COURIER reported), seven for’s, two (reported the COURIER) to the organic supermarket chain to the German Lidl chain and eight to the Turkish Food Chain Etsan; another seven locations go to the drugstore chain dm; animal Fressnapf pulls allegedly into two destination stores and also accepts Libro . Around 1,200 of the 2707 target-employees will be retained. 112 sites were unsaleable and were already closed on January 2. The majority of the branches in Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria snatched the competition from the food trade.Some stores had fallen out because the owner would not have been prepared to give the location.