Xilution launches Meal Plantastic SaaS

Xilution announces the launch of Meal Plantastic SaaS (Software as a Service). Meal Plantastic SaaS is a cloud based platform that supports meal planning, shopping list management, and recipe management functions. The platform also features an integrated marketplace where subscribers can monetize their recipe content and meal planning services.

“Building a complete software solution that includes a beautiful and functional user interface on top of a reliable, scalable and cost effective platform is hard. It’s not long before the platform details start to become overwhelming and detract from a marketer’s ability to serve their customers,” said Todd Brunia, Xilution’s founder.

Meal Plantastic SaaS is designed to meet the back-end computing needs of meal planning service providers and recipe content publishers. Example subscribers include meal kit vendors and food bloggers. By integrating Meal Plantastic SaaS into their user interface software, subscribers will accelerate their speed to market by avoiding costly and time consuming investments building a back-end system of their own.

“The meal kit industry is exploding,” explained Brunia. “We want to be the platform upon which the next generation of meal kit product’s is built. Being so early in the evolution of the industry, there’s an amazing opportunity to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. We predict numerous entrants into the meal kit market. Getting a product to market quickly and establishing a brand first is critical. We think Meal Plantastic SaaS provides a compelling option for meal kit vendor’s to accelerate their speed to market.”

Xilution is an API (application programming interface) only software vendor. Xilution’s cloud based software as a service products are built for the global API economy.