After submitting a request to the NSW Treasury to allow them to open their doors during the restricted trading day(Christmas). The NSW Treasury announced Woolworths’ request to staff their stores on Christmas Day has been denied due to some reasons stated by the NSW Treasury.

  The request was formally denied under the Retail Trading Act. The retailer did not state any “exceptional circumstances” nor pieces of evidence about the submitted reasons to the NSW Treasury.

 Vicki Telfer, from the NSW Treasury, who stated on the refusal decision document that this move is not in the“public interest” also explained through a tweet that workers should be spending Christmas with their families. 

“My view is businesses should do everything they can to ensure staff have the day off to spend with their families,”

  On the other hand, many people think it may seem unfair preventing those who want extra money, or have no commitments during that day, because the retailer will be paying $55.30per hour, which means $276.50 for the five hours.

  Woolworths spokesperson said:

   “We fully respect the right of team members to enjoy Christmas Day with loved ones, and never compel anyone denied under who don’t wish to do so,”

 The NSW Treasury said that denied under is allowed to open doors on the boxing day and the company the NSW staff to work during the day.

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