Woolworths Apologizes for sign Board Error

WOOLWORTHS has 6882-woolworthsbeen found wrong in advising and for putting a clear demarcation and discrimination of Asian and English speakers with respect to the selling of baby formula tin limits. In Mandarin it shows the shoppers to a two-tin restriction, while the English version shows a limit of four-tin. However, the supermarket authorities ordered stores who displays the error to remove it.

Anyhow, a shopper on Tuesday night found that the error still exists and he told that it is clear discrimination. He added that it looks like they are trying for a split down more on Asian customers.

Russell Mahoney, the spokesman of Woolworths, stated that it was just an error and they never tried to treat the shoppers differently. He will remind the stores again to remove the error. He told that Woolworths apologizes for the mistake and would take efforts not to repeat the same. Customers will have the opportunity to scan the correct limit of four numbers while check-out, he added.