Woof Woof Castle

Woof Woof Castle, LLC is proud to announce a new pet safety product, the Peek a Boo™ Pet Latch.  This Pet safety product is designed and developed by dog and cat lovers who want to keep their dog safe.  The latch is specifically designed to keep dogs out of the cat litter box and will prevent them from eating cat feces and getting sick. The latch works simply and effectively and it will prevent entry into the room where the cat litter box is stored. Placing the cat litter box where it is impossible for the dog to reach is the first line of defense for keeping your dog safe. The Peek a Boo™ Pet Latch will directly prevent larger dogs from entering the room in the home where the cat litter box may be stored.

The owner’s long-time dog, Aussie, developed pancreatitis from eating cat feces out of the cat litter box. Pancreatitis is inflammation and swelling of the pancreas, which can occur in a mild or severe form. Infections can occur. To prevent other dogs from becoming sick, the product was designed to help prevent illness from happening in the first place.