Wonky veg boxes expected to reach more Asda stores

Asda’s hugely popular wonky veg boxes are expected to reach more stores in the UK this week. Wonk veg boxes, voted as the Product of the Year for Healthy Food has been a huge attraction ever since it was introduced. Each box contains five kilo grams of fresh produce and was initiated as a part of Asda’s mission to cut food waste. Till date more than 120,000 boxes have been sold.

The wonky veg box comprises of carrots, potatoes, peppers, cucumber, cabbage, leeks, parsnips and onions, all misshapen and often left out of supermarket shelves otherwise. Sold at a price of £3.50 per box, Asda claims it to be 30% cheaper than standard lines.

Ian Harrison, Asda’s produce technical director, said: “We are extremely proud to be the pioneers of the wonky veg revolution and winning Product of the Year is testament to this, especially as it’s voted for by consumers. “The response from the public to our wonky vegetable boxes has been incredible. Food waste continues to be high on our agenda and we’ve worked closely with our suppliers to review our specifications so that the maximum amount of produce ends up on shelf.

“The insight we have gathered from customers since starting to sell the wonky box has been invaluable. We are now able to flex our specifications to help growers sell their products and maintain availability for our customers, without compromising on quality.”

Asda has also changed its grading system recently so as to allow taking in of more produce. This means that the supermarket giant would be sourcing in an additional 7,000 tonnes misshapen fruits and vegetables than before.