The largest Pistachio crop gets new $55 million campaign with Big talent, along with commercial starrers Richard Sherman, Ernie the Elephant, voiced by WWE superstar John Cena. Wonderful Pistachios usually known for its iconic “Get Crackin” ads has launched its biggest campaign ever, investing around $55 million  to boost the sales of the largest pistachio crop in history. The comedic commercials had featured a literally big star with the introduction of Ernie the Elephant. The pistachio loving, hygiene and health conscious, bold but equally hilarious, computer generated spokes-elephant is voiced by Superstar John Cena. Cena commented that they are both fun-loving guys, and confident in their choices. End of this football season, two more documentaries feature Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman educating Ernie with his best defensive moves and his famous trash talk, both on and off the field. In this he demonstrates how he chose Wonderful Pistachios and its commitment towards healthy eating through a serious of ‘eat smarter’ digital videos, educating football fans around the globe on nutritional benefits compared to other unhealthy stuff such as crackers and nachos. He added that both Ernie and himself knowthat chosing Wonderful Pistachios is sure to score big at home and at ground and we encourage fans to crack open Wonderful Pistachios, a much natural, guilt free choice that has one of the highest protein and lowest-calorie nuts.

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