Witt showcases Quality Assurance for Bakery Products at the IBA Exhibition

Detecting leaks from modified atmosphere packaging

WITT-Gasetechnik’s stand at IBA 2018 in Munich is all about leak detection. Inline leak detection is an ideal way for many manufacturers to guarantee the quality of their bakery products.

Bread and baked goods are highly perishable products, and for this reason are often packaged in a modified atmosphere. However, only flawless packaging can guarantee the desired quality and long shelf life. Even the smallest leaks can mean that mouldy prebaked bread or cakes will reach the customer.

Inline leak detection offers the greatest possible safety

At the IBA exhibition in Hall B1 Stand 258, Witt is showcasing its Leak-Master series – a range of solutions that can detect leaks in packaging. Inline leak detection using the Leak-Master Mapmax offers 100% safety. The Mapmax is integrated in the packaging line and employs a fully automated process to test the entire production batch using CO2 sensors. Witt deliberately targets carbon dioxide detection, as this gas is usually already present in most protective gas packaging.

A vacuum is generated within seconds in the test chamber of the device. Even micro-leaks in the packaging allow gas to escape, and this is detected by high-tech sensors. Leaking packages can be removed from the production line automatically. At up to 15 test cycles per minute, the Mapmax is unique in its field. As well as individual packaging, shipping cases and entire boxes and cartons can also be tested. The Mapmax is available in a range of different sizes. At just 117 cm long, the latest Compact version is ideal wherever space is limited.

Random sampling in the water bath as a cost-effective entry-level solution

Witt is also exhibiting random sampling equipment at the IBA as a cost-effective entry-level leak detection solution. An extremely simple but highly effective device is the Leak-Master Easy, which tests the leak-tightness of packages in a water bath. The test sample is placed in the water-filled chamber. Compressed air is used to pull a vacuum in the headspace above the water. The vacuum causes air or filling gas to escape from any leak points, and to bubble up to the top of the chamber in a way that is clearly visible. The major advantage of this method: The quality tester can quickly and easily determine at what point the product is leaking. Just in time for the IBA, Witt is now offering an additional, smaller chamber size, simplifying handling and cleaning. Thus the Easy is now available in seven different chamber sizes that cover practically all modern packaging dimensions.

Global gas technology manufacturer Witt-Gasetechnik is a leading specialist in the modified atmosphere packaging market. Alongside its leak detection devices, Witt is also exhibiting a range of gas analysers, which can determine the correct modified atmosphere composition in packaging.