Winnipeg woman along with son trapped in Walmart

A Winnipeg woman decided to have a quick stop at Walmart to buy his little son a treat to cheer him up as he could not go into the pool in the swimming class due to pool fouling. This quick stop soon became more than an hour’s panic for her.

They wanted to use the washroom and decided to use the family restroom located at the back of the store after performing the needed they washed hands and went on opening the door until they realised the door was stuck.

As they were unable to open the door she had called up the customer service line for help. It took about ten minutes for the first employee to respond to the complete situation and another ten minutes were taken by the manager to call a locksmith.

Her mother suggested to contact the fire department but the employee’s of the store refused and stated that if a fire department has to be called you will have to do it by yourself.

An hour later the two were finally freed by the fire fighter’s. Later the spokesperson of Walmart Canada apologised on behalf of the company and the root cause was because the interior door handle mechanism was broken.

However, the store’s response to the situation remains unacceptable and she demand’s compensation for stress she had to go through and the amount of time that was wasted.