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Wiltshire Chilli Farm redesigns its package


The design studio buddy from the British Exeter has redesigned the corporate identity for the spice producers Wiltshire Chilli Farm. The central hallmark of the redesign is the west, which is formed by the three chili peppers. According to the company, the new look of the bottles, mills and packaging reminds of a superhero. The inspiration for the designers to create the branding came out of the comic heroes from Marvel and DC.

The design agency buddy says that philosophy of the Wiltshire Chilli Farm prompted them to make a hero character which implies that one should have enough heroism to consume the products of the company.  Design news website quotes the buddy as saying:

“Our first meeting with the guys from Wiltshire Chilli Farm was on a garden bench in a field of poly-tunnels with the wondrous variety of the fruits of their business growing within. Their passion for their products from source to sauce was immediately apparent. The ‘Fearless Flavour’ brand essence we created was borne out of their search for new chilli varieties and their ambition to use, experiment and innovate with these to create new products to add to their ever-growing portfolio. The Wiltshire Chilli Farm recipes range from sweet to spicy to smoky to fruity and from a ‘heat’ perspective from mild to wild not just eye-wateringly hot.”

Buddy, owned by David Jones and Mark Girvan, was started in 2007. They have worked for clients such as Kleenex, Tesco and Plymouth University.

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