Why your business will benefit from being in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For List 2016

Why your business will benefit from being in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For List 2016

  • Two weeks to go until registration for the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For List 2016 close – Friday 2nd October
  • Research shows the most talented jobseekers are less money-driven and are increasingly looking for employers with a good reputation
  • Huge companies like McDonald’s, American Express and Zurich have featured on previous Lists

New figures have shown that job candidates in the UK are less money-driven and are increasingly swayed by the reputation of potential employers, which further underlines the importance of having your business included in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For List 2016.

According to a report by LinkedIn, 53% of people would rule out working for a company that has a poor track record when it comes to job security, poor leadership and dysfunctional teams. Meanwhile, more than one in three respondents confirmed they mainly looked for flexible working arrangements from a prospective employer when weighing up their job options. This tells us that salary isn’t the be all and end all for workers in 2015 – job satisfaction is more important.

There are few better ways for UK businesses to show the world that they have created an awesome place for their employees to work than by featuring in the prestigious Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For List. Entries for the 2016 version of the acclaimed List are still being accepted, so it’s not too late to get your brand mentioned alongside the likes of McDonald’s, American Express and last year’s winner of the Best Big Companies category, TGI Friday’s.

To date, Best Companies has measured how nearly three million people feel about their employer, and the List remains the most respected and accurate engagement survey in the UK.

The List is based on real, detailed feedback from employee surveys, which have been meticulously honed by academics at Plymouth University. Updated every year to ensure relevancy, the questions are designed to cover all areas of employee happiness and wellbeing. Today more than ever, the most in-demand people seek out jobs at organisations that have received a 1, 2 or 3 star Best Companies Accreditation rating.

Best Companies Founder and Chief Executive, Jonathan Austin, explained why securing a place on the List is such a big deal. “Employees who work for a highly-engaged organisation get an organisation they feel proud to work for, managers who are more likely to listen and care for them, leaders who listen to them, more opportunities for personal growth and teams that support each other. 

“They are likely to perceive the deal they get from their employer as positive and experience lower levels of stress and a better work-life balance.”

SLH Group – which topped the Best Not-For-Profit Organisation to Work For 2015 List – is a great example of an organisation that has managed to positively overhaul its reputation. Chief Executive Julie Fadden walks the group’s 26 patches to talk to tenants, transforming it from one of the worst housing associations in the country to one of the best in just 10 years. “We spend more time at work than at home, so it is important to believe in what you are doing,” she says. “SLA is like a family business. Everybody feels they have a stake in making it what it is.”

The Sunday Times Best Companies Lists – which are entering their 16th year – offer opportunities for all organisations over 50 employees. The categories include The 25 Best Big, 100 Best Mid, 100 Best Small and 100 Best Not-For-Profit organisations. This ensures a wide variety of companies are eligible.

By measuring engagement and participating in the Lists, companies have the potential to become top talent magnets, gain advantage over competitors and be recognised as a Best Company to Work For.

To enter, visit us at b.co.uk or call a Client Engagement Specialist on 01978 856222. Registration closes on Friday 2nd October.