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Whole Foods launches Digital coupons through its mobile apps

wholefoodsSupermarket chain specializing in organic food, Whole Foods has announced that it would bring in digital coupons to woo more shoppers. Whole Foods would launch the discount coupons through its new mobile app which had its soft launch during January this year. The new decision was announced after the company posted a record sales for its last quarter. In the first quarter of 2016, the sales accented 3 percent to 4.8 b and earnings per share went up at 46 cents.
Walter Robb, co-chief executive office of Whole Foods Market said that they were pleased but the total progress made on the nine point plan initiated in November. The national launch of its digital coupons through the mobile app is expected to take the supermarket’s reach to more customers. The supermarket also claimed that it has enhanced the price structure.
Interestingly, even when Whole Food’s earnings fly beyond the expectation its shares went down over the last 12 months by 45 percent. During a time when more and more shoppers are inclined towards organic products, Whole Food is making sure that its promotions reach the right audience through the mobile apps. Through this campaign the supermarket plans to woo more middle-lower income shoppers who shy away from Whole foods due to its “whole paycheck” image. Whole Foods has also launched a new chain of cheap stores named 365 to compete with players like Trader Joe’s.

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