WhatsApp message with free £100 Sainsbury’s coupon is a scam

WhatsApp users in the UK are being cautioned about another trick message that claims to enclose details about a free £100 voucher from supermarket firm Sainsbury’s.  Here is the thing that to do in the event that you get the deception content, and how to shield yourself from the trick.  The trick messages show up as though it has been sent by somebody in your contacts –, for example, a companion or relative. However the beneficiary name is really fake and is intended to trap WhatsApp clients into trusting the web address for the charged £100 Sainsbury’s voucher.

The message is as follows: “Hey have you heard about this?”Sainsbury’s is giving away £100 gift cards. They are expanding their store network and they launched this promotion. “Grab a gift card while its lasts. I got mine already.”

Despite the fact that the URL recorded in the content seems to direct clients to Sainsbury’s site, it is a trick site page intended to trap WhatsApp clients into giving over personal data. The noxious link will install cookies on the user’s cell phone, or download a program expansion which can be utilized to serve more adverts to them – creating income for the cybercriminals behind the instant messages, as indicated by security specialists.

ESET security specialist Mark James was quoted by Express.co.uk as saying that it was unfortunate that individuals still fall for these sorts of tricks. People are deceived and prodded into following a link from their favorite social networking application without really perceiving the threats.

Sainsbury’s affirmed it knows about the WhatsApp trick, and is “encouraging clients to delete the message”.  WhatsApp was as of late commended by Amnesty International, which named the Facebook-owned instant messenger as the “most secure” stage accessible to customers.