Welsh farmers are one among those ‘with much to lose’ if the UK fails to negotiate talks dealing with trade of meat market before it leaves the European Union. The promoter of Welsh meat Mr Hybu Cig Cymru said it was not realistic enough to find out new markets as to compare with the likes of France, Germany and Italy. After a number of years of toil, in this week only it was able to deal with the supply of around 300 supermarkets in Canada. At present more than 80% of Welsh exports are particularly for the European Union. The chairman of HCC, Mr Dai Davies told that Wales are mostly dealing with lamb exports, which is selling more to the markets other than Europe.

He added that it would be really tough to handle the new situation. He further told that when they get access to a market, the retailers will not suddenly tell to ‘come on’ even they have to replace someone else to get their product in the racks. When the United States in concerned, they have been involved in developing that market for the last couple of years and still they can’t reach near their target. If the trade agreement is struck with the European Union after Brexit, the exports will definitely attracts tariffs and the farm gate prices would drop. The current tariff rates for sheep meat is  €1.71/kg. The industry representatives are going to gather in Llanelwedd, Powys, for a seminar on farming in Wales after Brexit. The event is organised by the Farmers Union of Walesand hundreds will be hopefully attend the event.

The famous economist Warwick Lightfoot, head at the think tank Policy Exchange will be delivering the opening lecture on the opportunities post-Brexit. In his opinion Brexit gave United Kingdom a change to form a better policy in farming. He added that what he really don’t want is poorly focused subsidies which is rather expensive and is meant for healping international businesses—fairly against the interests of the farm and the local consumer. Glyn Roberts, the president of Farmers’ Union of Wales told that within the European Union, procurement of Welsh food have to be tendered within Europe that could change the criteria and make the people of the region to buy local and to focus on mitigating carbon emissions. That would rather create a bigger market domestically for Welsh meat.

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