Wegmans ranked best supermarket in Boston area


The Rochester, N.Y. based Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., has been selected as the top supermarket in Boston area. Recently launched Boston Consumers’ Checkbook revealed rankings for cost and quality of Boston-zone super markets. Yet, Kevin Brasler, executive editor of the magazine said that the Checkbook doesn’t uncover the supermarket store with the best general cost and quality.

Wegmans Food Markets opened its first Massachusetts area in Newton in 2014. Reviewed shoppers positioned Wegmans number one for quality (93 percent of respondents evaluated it “unrivaled” by and large), and Checkbook discovered Wegmans’ costs were around 7 percent lower than Shaw’s Supermarket.

Brasler said that it was very much uncommon for supermarkets to have this extraordinary rating. Wegmans was the one and only supermarket that emerges this much in the study. Checkbook compared costs at Boston-region stores utilizing a 151-thing grocery product list (fresh meat, produce, dairy, and nonperishable products) from August 10 to 15, 2015, and investigated around 60,000 customer reactions from its supporters and Consumer Reports’ endorsers.

Checkbook stated Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. as the least expensive supermarket store in the area, trailed by DeMoulas Market Basket and Hannaford. Whole Foods Market Inc. was ranked as the most costly place to shop. Sudbury Farms, Donelan’s, and Roche Bros. likewise are more costly than Shaw’s. Be that as it may, with regards to quality, Wal-Mart positioned among the lowest and Whole Foods was evaluated exceptionally.

Since Trader Joe’s doesn’t have national brands, a precise correlation to the biggest supermarket stores couldn’t be made. Checkbook discovered the general prices at Trader Joe’s were higher than Stop and Shop and Shaw’s, however produce was around 11 percent less expensive at Trader Joe’s. Alternately meat at Trader Joe’s was around 21 percent higher than the Stop and Shop and Shaw’s joined average cost.