Wegmans named best US supermarket


Newly released American Customer Satisfaction Index ranked Wegmans as the top supermarket in the Country. The Rochester-based supermarket chain has the highest overall rating crosswise America. According to the ACS Index the supermarket chain scored an impressive 86, which was up one notch from previous year.


The supermarket was name the best overall by the consumer reports. Wegmans has more than 85 stores in Northeast including area stores in Allentown, Bethlehem Township and Lower Nazareth Township. In 2015, the supermarket was awarded for Number one reputation in the Harris Poll, surpassing many big names including Apple and Google.

Still, scores dropped almost across the board for supermarkets, which registered their lowest satisfaction scores in more than a decade. The average score was 73 percent. Only Wegmans improved its score from 2014.