Weather Unlocked launches weather-driven marketing and demand management tool for retailers
Glasgow, UK – May 7, 2014 – Weather Unlocked today announced the release of WeatherTrigger – a pioneering service designed to help retailers weather-optimize their inventory and digital marketing promotions.

WeatherTrigger is an API which uses weather data to automate stock management decisions, and to activate digital marketing promotions. It works in two distinct ways. It can be integrated into the backend of a retailer’s CRM to display weather-driven promotions for web, app, email and SMS according to the user’s local weather. For example, it could be used to display ads for sunglasses to all website visitors and app users who are experiencing hot and sunny weather. If the weather changes to cold and wet, the creatives would automatically change to display promotions for gloves and waterproofs.
WeatherTrigger also plugs into an inventory management system to regulate the flow of weather sensitive goods according to forecast information. For example, if heavy rain and strong winds are forecast next week for Times Square, NY, it could trigger the order of more weather-proof clothing and umbrellas for that store. WeatherTrigger is the ideal solution for effectively regulating stock flow, to avoid shortfalls or bloated inventories.
WeatherTrigger is a powerful tool because it can help increase sales volume. It does this by ensuring product orders and promotions reflect anticipated weather-driven demand at all times. Weather-driven marketing is highly effective because weather has a profound effect on consumer behaviour and drives purchase decisions for a huge range of goods – including food and drinks, pharmaceuticals, household and garden appliances, fashion apparel, insurance, and even cars.
Weather-driven marketing has been shown to improve brand recall and increase conversions – since promotions are only displayed when conditions are right for purchase. French fashion retailer La Redoute experienced a 34% increase in online traffic and a 17% sales rise by using weather responsive advertising techniques.
“Weather is a huge driver of sales, and yet it can be very volatile. WeatherTrigger is a unique solution for businesses looking to optimize their marketing and anticipate weather driven demand. With WeatherTrigger, retailers can automate inventory decisions, increase marketing ROI and generate greater profit” said product director John Armstrong.