Warning as Sainsbury’s shoppers targeted by new fake voucher scam

Fake voucher scam have started to target shopper’s in supermarket. It has now widely been shared on social media. Links appear saying free coupons for Sainsbury however, the supermarket has denied the existence of any such coupons.

It has been discovered that an e-mail informs the recipient that they are overcharged on their recent visit to the supermarket and the store tends to offer them compensation, and when they click on the link to get hold of the voucher they are directed to a website which aims to defraud them.

The warning issued tends to inform people that the fraud e-mails look genuine as the use victims first name and signed by Mia Chadwick of customer services. Fraud e-mails generally appear in poor quality designs, images and grammar. Although authentic websites tend to use short and to the point sentences and avoid irrelevant words.