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Walmart will reduce the use of plastics in its own brands by 2025


Walmart of México y Centre America seeks to reduce the use of plastic in its operations and in its own brand products by 2025.

For this, the supermarket company will use 20% of recycled material in the manufacture of the packaging of its brands and will stop using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and expanded polystyrene.

The above is part of the Global Declaration on Plastics, promoted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation since October 29, 2018, which was signed by more than 250 companies from different countries.

“Conscious of the importance of taking care of our environment, in Walmart de México y Centroamérica we are committed to reducing the waste of plastic packaging of the products of our brands, offering convenient, innovative and high impact solutions. Also, we will seek to sensitize our clients to use less plastic bags, while promoting the use of reusable bags, “said Gabriela Buenrostro, deputy director of
Walmart of México y Centre America, in a statement.

By 2018, the company reduced CO2 emissions by 5% compared to 2015, while 70.2% of the waste generated is recycled or reused, according to the Retail Financial and Corporate Responsibility Report.


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