From now on, Walmart will use cameras with artificial intelligence in its stores to prevent cash theft. As Business Insider points out, the company has already installed its technology in more than 1,000 stores in the United States over the past two years. Walmart uses many technologies now, including robots, that help sellers better serve customers.

The system works with cameras with artificial intelligence that know the entire store’s product registry. If an activity seems suspicious, such as a product that is placed in a purse or other, a cashier will be notified and can act immediately. “Missed Scan Detection” was designed to limit thefts and losses that the brand undergoes each year. A problem that cost Walmart up to $ 47 billion in 2017, which is a huge deficit. Since the system was installed, the company has announced a decrease in fraud, loss, theft, and scanning errors.

Recently, Walmart announced its alliance with Google, to compete with Amazon. The new strategy of the US distributor is to focus on physical sales to online sales, like most brands. Amazon’s impact on a brand like Walmart is very strong, but perhaps the company has found the right solution to counter its competitor and revive its customer base.

To promote physical sales, the company deployed 1,500 stand-alone floor-cleaning robots, 300 shelf scanners, 1,200 goods unloaders and 900 pick-up robots for online orders.

Walmart may have finally found the solution to its problems by developing the opposite strategy of Amazon. Let’s hope the results are positive for society.


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