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Walmart sells smartphone for a throwaway price of $10

Wondering what you get for $10? An Android smartphone with dual core processor, 3.8-inch screen, support for up to 32GB of capacity, 3-megapixel cameras and powerful than the original iPhone, may not be an answer you are expecting. But American retailer Walmart thinks so. Walmart is now selling a TracFone-branded LG smartphone that costs $9.82.

Prior to this offer, the cheapest smartphone on the market was the $35 Firefox OS phone. Both TracFone LG handsets (the Sunrise L15G and Lucky LG16) can access to more than 1 million applications on Android’s Google Play Store. The phone has 3G connectivity only, no 4G LTE.

Having said, there isn’t much to cheer about this offer. This smartphone by LG runs an old form of Android (4.4 Kitkat) that will doubtlessly never be updated again, leaving you with a possibly powerless gadget. The TracFone-branded LG smart phone will cost you $14 USD when the cost of data is added. It likewise ships free if your online request aggregate tops $50.

When you consider that for 14 bucks you can have a gadget that can communicate with anybody or can give you data on pretty much everything there is to know on the world, it is a wonderful deal. In correlation, the iPhone 3G when it was launched in 2008 had a single core processor, 3.5-inch screen, up to 16GB of capacity and 500 applications at dispatch on the fresh out of the box new Apple App Store. This was all offered at a sticker price of $729 for the base 8GB model or $849 for the 16GB model.

The first user review of the TracFone on Walmart’s site gives it four stars out of a conceivable five, with client traeguth calling it “beautiful darn good” and “a steal” at the cost. So while this smart phone might never bolster forefront features like Now on Tap, it’s still a small PC in your pocket, which ought not be rejected daintily.

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