Walmart recruiting shopping associates for easier Christmas shopping

Walmart is recruiting new shopping associates who can guide customers to the fastest checkout station, and even help them to get a forgotten item so shoppers don’t lose their place in the queue. This is just one among the many arrangements Walmart has made to make the holiday shopping experience better this Christmas.

Walmart representatives will help shoppers in self-checkout booths, wearing yellow vests that make them easy to spot, supermarket officials said. What’s more, similar to its big box peers Target and Toys R Us, the world’s biggest retailer is additionally bringing in the choice to purchase online, and later collect them in stores.

“We’re focusing now on an easy checkout experience, and we’re also focusing on a seamless online and in-store experience,” says Judith McKenna, chief operating officer for Walmart U.S. “The bottom line for this holiday is that we want to serve customers as they want to be served.”

A speedier checkout has been the top demand of Walmart clients, McKenna says. Another holiday partner program will permit the opening of additional cash registers, if necessary. They’ll even have candy canes and stickers close by.  This year, interestingly, each of the retailer’s stores will have a pick-up department manager to help clients who order online and go to the store to pick up their merchandise. Staff in the pick-up area will likewise be outfitted with handheld gadgets to rapidly get bundles into shopper’s hands and out the entryway.

“We recognize at the stores in particular that pickup is a key part of that experience,” said McKenna, noticing that the quantity of same day pickup orders amid the Christmas season is about five times the volume found in an ordinary week. “What customers tell us is it’s great to have things delivered to their door. … but sometimes it’s more convenient for them to choose the time that they’re going to pick up and they don’t have to worry about a parcel being left on their door step.”