Walmart Quebec wants government to extend its working hours


The retail giant, Walmart, has requested the authorities to have its Supercenter stores open until 11 pm in Quebec. “We believe we deserve the same treatment as food supermarkets,” said the Journal de Québec Walmart Canada spokesman Alex Roberton. The retailer claims that the many changes in its Supercenter stores, especially with the addition of a full food supply, change the situation.

Walmart Supercenter concept store has a massive food section of fresh fruit and vegetables, and meat counters, cold cuts, bakery and takeaway. The multinational argues that its customers demand more and more to extend the working hours of the stores to meet their shopping needs. In Quebec, Walmart has thirty Supercenter stores. “Our customers want to come to our stores at times that suit them. This is what they demand so, “said Mr. Roberton.

According to the current law, Walmart has to close the doors of its stores by 9 pm on week days. On weekends, the Supercenter stores can only stay open until 5 pm. Walmart Canada plans to intensify its meetings in the coming weeks with the elected government of Couillard to raise awareness of its claims. Walmart also affirmed the newspaper “Les Affaires” its desire to extend its opening hours in Quebec.

The food supermarkets currently benefit from an exception to the law on opening hours of retail businesses in Quebec. Quebec law also argues that, to be entitled to extended hours as supermarkets, a trade must also provide a food supply at least 51% of the overall supply of his shop. Walmart recognizes that its food supply does not exceed 50% of the overall supply of goods in its Supercenter stores. However, the chain suggests that the sale of food products represents nearly 60% of all items sold in its stores.