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Walmart Mexico offers Whatsapp for ordering

The Mexican subsidiary of Walmart has launched its delivery service for its Superama stores via the WhatsApp messaging service. In this way, the retail giant hopes to attract its customers even outside supermarkets.

WhatsApp is extremely popular in Mexico, so it will be possible to send a message order to a number generated by Walmart. Reuters has already tested this service. The reporter in question sent a photo of a handwritten shopping list. Immediately, a store representative responded positively to his request, punctuating even his emoji sentences.

According to Reuters, Superama charges delivery within 90 minutes to 49 pesos or 2.24 euros. For a longer period, the price falls to 39 pesos or 1.78 euro. Of the 2459 Walmart stores in Mexico, about 92 are Superama. These stores already offer delivery on its website, and its application. The Cornershop app also offers Superama delivery. In addition, Walmart wanted to buy this delivery service, however, the Mexican regulator of competition intervened in the belief that this purchase could not guarantee fair competition between rivals on the application. The American giant was yet ready to spend $ 225 million to acquire Cornershop.


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