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Walmart breaks the promise; sells Dolphin-Deadly Tuna


Walmart breaks the promise; sells Dolphin-Deadly Tuna

Walmart is reportedly selling dolphin-deadly tuna in its Latin American Markets, breaking the vow made by the company Vice President in 2000 to refrain from ‘purchasing or selling tuna that has been procured at the expense of dolphin lives.’

“WalMart’s claims of being humane to animals are false,” says Mark Berman, director of Earth Island Institute’s International Dolphin Safe Tuna Monitoring Program. He was speaking at the Second One to One Meeting organized by the Friend of the Sea in Bangkok, Thailand.

Walmart Corporate must do the right thing and stop its subsidiaries in Latin America from buying and selling dolphin deadly tuna that is caught by intentionally chasing, netting, harassing , killing dolphins for canned tuna, added Mark Berman.  Safeway, Costco , Savemart, Target, Kroger are just some of the supermarkets in the USA that are totally dolphin safe for tuna.

The regulation necessitates the captain of the fishing vessel to certify that no dolphins were killed or harmed during the tuna harvest. The Friend of the Sea is an organization campaigning for sustainable use of the marine habitat and against the method of Dolphin-Deadly fishing. The fishing companies with the certification from Friend of the Sea are labeled to be ethical and produce dolphin safe tuna.

“Walmart needs to live up to their commitments and stop supporting dolphin harassment and killing by the Mexican tuna industry. There are plenty of Dolphin Safe sources of tuna for Walmart to provide for their customers in Latin America,” added Mark Berman. Examples of dolphin-deadly brands on sale at Walmart Latin America include Dolores and TUNY tuna, both from Mexico and caught by chasing and killing dolphins.

Mark Berman, in his audiovisual presentation during the Friends of the Sea Summit explained to the learned audience the perils of dolphin deadly fishing. Mark explained how tuna fishing with inappropriate nets could kill the dolphins.

In a letter to Earth Island Institute’s International Dolphin Safe Tuna Monitoring Program (IDSTMP), dated June 2000, Walmart Vice President Jay Allen said, “We understand our customer’s concerns and are committed to a strict dolphin-safe standard on canned tuna.” Recently it has been revealed that Walmart has been selling dolphin deadly tuna in stores and on websites within Mexico, Costa Rica, and other Latin American countries.

The One to One meeting, which is materialized in association with the Earth Island Institute and the Thai Tuna Industry Association, will end in 12th of November. The event includes keynote presentations from big names such as Infofish, TTIA, Global Gap and much networking. The first edition of the One to One Meeting, held in Venice in November 2013, brought together 16 retailers and representatives of 38 certified companies from all over the world.

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