The Seafoods have started emerging as mains in the economy of Alaska. Approximately two hundred and fifty thousand pounds of fish has been sold to Walmart.

During winters also the ship is filled with almost a hundred employees. Huge amounts of kita and sockeye are processed throughout the winter season.

This has led to maximisation of jobs in the economy of Alaska and great economic development is expected. The copper river sustains about a hundred jobs round the year even when seafood is off season. Most of the jobs are created from value added frozen fillets. Bolsters add value to the ocean economy of Alaska as they are majorly used for processing and decoration.

Walmart came to be known as an Alaska Sized as it helps in the stimulation of the economy. The seafood deal of Alaska and Walmart is committed for ten years ending in 2023. Walmart came in Alaska as a third party certification for its seafood as it was not able to stock it properly. It had purchased $800 million directly from Alaska Supplier’s and Copper River came in as a part of it.

The wholesaler has obtained homeland security clearance which clearly indicates that Anchorage plant is subject to shipping scrutiny ahead of time. After more than four years of routine inspections and many surprise inspections they haven’t faced a single failure.


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