Walmart adding hundreds of tech jobs this year

The jobs will support Walmart’s store technology, online commerce as well as data and cloud services.

According to Jenn Ericksen, a corporate spokeswoman with Walmart Labs, There are roughly 2,000 more jobs to be added to its nine tech centers this next fiscal year to its nine tech centers which are located in : San Bruno, Sunnyvale, Carlsbad, Calif., Hoboken, N.J., Portland, Ore.; Reston, Va.; Dublin, Ireland and Bangalore, India.

Walmart added roughly 1,700 tech-related jobs in fiscal 2019 which ends Jan. 31.

Also Jenn Ericksen added that the jobs will include data scientists, software engineers, designers and other professionals who will expand the technology division by roughly 25%. From the 2000 jobs that will be added , Walmart did not indicate how many of them to be added to the Bentonville Walmart Labs unit.