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Wallmart Canada go discount on Organic Groceries


We can call it natural food  for all. In a move that could hold huge ramifications for Canada’s multibillion-dollar organic edible industry, Walmart Canada has successfully launched a variety of organic products under its name brand.

A customer strolls into a Loblaws area in the old Maple Leafs Garden in Toronto in May. Loblaw launches online shopping for food with four big class  superstores.

It’s a general move Walmart has attempted in the United States, where the world’s biggest retailer started business in 2014 a collection of kitchen staples under the Wild Oats natural brand at costs that were 25 per cent lower than identical items.

Keith Howlett, retail manager at Desjardins Securities said over phone that they have pushed this in the United States, where they need to bring the cost of Organics down and make it accessible to everyone.

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