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Waitrose to scrap free hot drink offer


Waitrose customers will have to buy a product before qualifying for a free tea or coffee from the supermarket. In fact, it rolled out across eight outlets and was sparked by the chain’s decision to make sure the benefit is being used—as it was intended to be. A waitrose spokesperson told that they will be simply asking the shoppers to make a purchase to qualify for the free tea or coffee at the checkout. She added that no decision has been made upto how long the trial would last or it can be extended to other outlets. She further added that a free tea or coffee is a way of thanking their customers those who shop with them.

And it is their duty to ensure that it reaches the benefiters as it is originally intended to.  The trial started in 2014 when ’ My Waitrose’ loyalty scheme was introduced which allows the members to swipe their card and get a drink at the self-service machine every day and customers were not required to buy anything to get a drink. Waitrose spokesperson told that the majority of the shoppers understood and have been positive about the change.

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