Waitrose selling emu eggs for £23.99

An emu egg, equivalent of 12 normal eggs now costs £23.99 in your nearest Waitrose supermarket. The eggs that are available only in winter are now on sale at Waitrose, the company spokesperson said. The huge egg that takes around one and a half hours to get cooked is more fluffier and taste many times better than a normal egg. Since Emu birds lay eggs only in every three days and only during the winter season, this seasonal produce has many takers. The eye-watering price, according to the supermarket might bring in more first time users this season for the nutrition rich eggs.

Morrisons source these enormous eggs from the supplier Clarence Court, which describes them as ‘a touch milder’ in taste when compared to normal hen eggs. Clarence House said: ‘They also boast a high ratio or yolk to white, nearly half white/half yolk, allowing extraordinary results when used for baking cakes.’Great used in an omelette or enjoyed as scrambled egg, prepare as you would using hen eggs. Also brilliant hardboiled and sliced for fantastic twist on the traditional egg sandwich.’

A Waitrose spokesperson said that using these huge eggs one could easily make up to four omelettes. Waitrose, despite its upmarket image, recently won the best supermarket award for purchasing own brand products.