Waitrose ranked top supermarket in UK in Which? poll

Waitrose, Iceland and Marks & Spencer were placed in the top positions in the latest customer satisfaction annual poll conducted by consumer group Which? in the UK. The survey ranked upmarket grocer Waitrose for the third consecutive year for high levels of customer satisfaction when shopping online and in store beating Marks & Spencer narrowly. Another major supermarket chain Iceland bagged the top award for home delivery service for the second year in a row with five-star rating.

In the Which? survey where more than 7000 customers voted, Waitrose was positioned ahead of all other brick and motor stores in the country with five star rating for staff readiness and effectiveness, thanks to its parent company the John Lewis’ Partnership’s bonus scheme, which allows employees to share the company’s profit. Most of the participants in the survey found the spacious design of Waitrose convenient for picking up the groceries. Customers were asked to rate the supermarkets based on their past six months shopping experience in store and online.

Marks & Spencer won the second place in the in store classification, thanks to the popularity of their dine-in offer that included a meal for two and a bottle of wine for as low as £10. Britain’s big four supermarkets – Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons were rated average or below by most of the customers who participated in the poll.

German discounters Aldi and Lidl bettered their position in the list with jointly climbing up to the third position for their value for money element. Morrisons bettered its position from eighth in the last year’s survey to secure fifth place in the list. Asda was placed at the ninth position, with worst customer reactions. Most of the shoppers who participated in the survey found Asda to have good value for money; its food quality was assessed as average.

Richard Headland, Which? magazine editor, said: ‘With concerns over rising prices the competition among supermarkets is fiercer than ever. ‘While value for money remains a priority, in-store appearance and the availability of quality and fresh products go a long way to satisfying shoppers’ needs.’

  • Waitrose, 74% in-store/71% online
  • Iceland, 69% in-store/ 77% online
  • Marks & Spencer, 73% in-store only
  • Aldi, 72% in-store only
  • Lidl, 72% in-store only
  • Morrisons, 70% in-store/74% online
  • Sainsbury’s, 67% in-store/ 71% online
  • Tesco, 66% in-store/74% online
  • Asda, 62% in-store/71% online
  • Ocado, 76% online only