Waitrose has significantly lowered sugar levels in many of its family favourite desserts as part of the supermarket’s ongoing sugar reformulation programme.

Fifteen own-label mid-tier chilled desserts have seen average sugar content lowered by 14 per cent – an equivalent of more than 38 tonnes or 9.6 million teaspoons of sugar per year.

Traditional family favourites such as Waitrose Mixed Berry Trifle and Apple Pie will all have lower sugar levels without compromising on taste or quality. They join other popular puddings including Waitrose Bread and Butter Pudding and Waitrose Lemon Mousse.

A team of chefs carefully developed the new recipes to ensure there is no compromise on taste or quality for shoppers’ favourite sweet treats.

The work at Waitrose builds on the retailer’s wider ongoing reformulation project which has already seen a significant amount of sugar taken out of cereals, chilled juices, yogurts, soups, cordials and fizzy drinks in recent years as part of Public Health England’s sugar reduction programme.

Dr Emma Williams, Senior Nutritionist at Waitrose, said: “We all like a sweet treat now and then but it’s important to keep an eye on your sugar intake. We’ve been working hard to ensure our shoppers can make lower sugar choices when enjoying desserts, without compromising on taste or quality.

“Sugar reduction is a key part of our overall approach to making continuous nutritional improvements to the food and drink we sell.”

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