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Waitrose introduces ‘A Little Less than Perfect’ vegetables



English upscale supermarket chain Waitrose introduces misshapen vegetables in a move to counter Asda’s wonky veg box. The new range which the company calls ‘A Little Less than Perfect includes seasonal vegetables like carrots, potatoes, onions and parsnips. These misshaped vegetables offers more value for money as they are cheaper than their regular options.

Many of these vegetables and fruits have skin blemishes or are broken or split. These less than perfect choice comes in bigger bags and provide additional value for the customers. The supermarket announced that this selection would be available in its forty branches crosswise UK.

A Waitrose representative said: “Waitrose has long supported its farmers, buying as much of their crop as possible.The retailer first introduced a range of weather blemished apples more than nine years ago and if extreme weather such as hail affects a crop then Waitrose works with growers to try and get as much produce as possible to market. In this way, Waitrose has sold weather-blemished pears, apples, potatoes, green beans – also an assorted pack of misshapen tomatoes and many other types of less-than-perfect fruit and vegetables.”

Asda introduced the sale of misshapen vegetables in UK during January 2016 under the label wonk veg box, which was the first for any supermarket in the country. After which many supermarkets are considering similar sales. According to Asda, this was a move to reduce the food waste and giving more value for the shopper’s money.

But Waitrose claims that they have been selling fruits and vegetables with slight marks on their skin since last year. The supermarket says that it has sold  £1million apples with slight marks the previous year alone.

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