Waitrose Fresh produce sales escalates

Total sales excluding fuel for Waitrose were up by 2.7% on the same week last year.  The cold weather influenced shopping patterns across the stores, leading to a spike in ranges such as hot drinks, ready meals and soups. The January health kick is clearly in full swing, with lots of fresh produce and fish being bought from Waitrose- including 9% more salads, 20% more avocados and a strong demand for Fish Friday promotion.

Many customers have been choosing low alcohol and alcohol-free wines – either to participate in ‘dry January’ or just to minimise their alcohol intake at the start of the year.  But overall our wine sales (up 5%) indicate people are still choosing to enjoy wine in moderation.  There was also a robust gin sales, with the range up by 17% last week.

Customers are taking the opportunity of our half-price offers to stock up cupboards, with particular demand for cleaning and laundry products to freshen up homes at the start of the year.