Waitrose Foundation weather blemished apples return to branches

Waitrose Foundation weather blemished apples return to branches

Following regional hail in the Western Cape area of South Africa, today Waitrose announces it will be supporting those growers affected by selling Waitrose Foundation weather-blemished apple bags from 20th May.

Already this year, the retailer has offered customers weather blemished apples from UK growers – some affected by hail, others with slight discolouring and skin marking. Waitrose’s own farm, Leckford in Hampshire, had its Gala orchards affected early on in the season and were one of the key beneficiaries.

The reintroduction of the weather-blemished Waitrose Foundation South African apples bag, made up from a selection of varieties, comes following their initial introduction last year when unexpectedly poor weather superficially damaged 70% of farmers’ crops.

Greg Sehringer, Waitrose Apple Buyer, says: “We’ve been stocking weather-affected apples for eight years now and are proud to support not only our own farmers here in the UK, but also growers abroad who are sometimes hit by unpredictable weather. It’s a testament to our customers that they’re savvy enough to trust that the fruit will be just as delicious, even if the apples doesn’t look as perfect as usual.”

The Waitrose Foundation South African weather blemished apples will be available in 263 branches nationwide from 20th May, priced at £2.