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Waitrose encourages customers to use reusable containers for fresh products


The giant supermarket Waitrose has announced recently that it will be asking customers to bring reusable containers for their fresh products, for the aim of reducing plastic waste and also to have better conditioning for their fresh products especially meat and fish.

This decision came as part of the retailer to deliver a better service when it comes to fresh products and also due to its new policy to increase the awareness of plastic waste.

According to Retail Insight Network, Waitrose & Partners CSR, health and agriculture head Tor Harris said: “Our long-term aim is to remove bags completely from our counters or find a suitable alternative for meat and fish in the same way we have with compostable fruit and veg bags, which will be introduced this year.

“We haven’t as yet found that option and know we can’t remove them overnight as there are food safety considerations when handling raw meat and fish and buying food from the counters has become part of many customers’ regular shop.

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