Voting for NestFresh Cares campaign ends on Dec 15

NestFresh, the leader in sustainable, local, humane and natural eggs, has pledged to support charitable efforts nationwide through a unique giving campaign titled NestFresh Cares. From October 15, 2016 through December 15, 2016, consumers are invited to nominate and vote for a charity or cause that demonstrates its genuine care for the community. One charity – voted on by consumers will win a $1,500 cash prize from NestFresh, the runner up charity will win $500 cash and the nominating consumer will win a year’s worth of NestFresh eggs. This special campaign not only reiterates NestFresh’s sincere care for local communities, but also gives consumers a voice in supporting those communities.  Learn more about the campaign on Facebook @NestFreshEggs.

In kicking off this year’s NestFresh Cares efforts, consumers were asked to visit the brand’s Facebook page where they were directed to a tab designed specifically for the campaign. Now that the nomination process has closed, consumers are asked to vote for the charity they believe should win the grand prize of $1,500, with the runner up charity winning $500 cash and the nominating consumer winning a year’s worth of NestFresh eggs.

“We produce eggs with a conscience at NestFresh, which means that our eggs come from happy hens and are made for healthy humans. Everything we do is geared toward these two goals of providing a natural life for our hens while serving the folks in our community,” shares Brandy Gamoning, Marketing Manager at NestFresh. “NestFresh Cares allows us to further this very important mission while learning more about the ‘good eggs’ in our communities.”

The NestFresh Cares campaign pivots on the values upon which NestFresh stands. From the company’s support of regional farmers nationwide to its insistence on transparency from farm to grocery store, this year’s giving efforts align with everything NestFresh has worked towards since the brand’s founding in 1991.