Vinyl records for sale in Tesco for the first time

Tesco is to begin selling vinyl records for first time ever, thanks to its expanding popularity.

The supermarket titan, that has been offering CDs for quite a long time, will stock a selected collection of classic albums and a couple of new titles, for instance Coldplay and George Ezra. Vinyl records of LPs by The Beatles, Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley and Elvis Presley will be accessible in Tesco, valued in between £12 and £20.

Vinyl record sales hit all time stumpy in 2007. Since then its popularity and sales have been consistently ascending. In 2014, more than 1.2 million records were sold in Britain – the most in a single year since 1995. It made the sales decision after a little trial over the late spring, amid which 55 Tesco branches sold an Iron Maiden album.

Michael Mulligan, the chain’s music purchaser said that their trial selling during late spring was highly successful and all their stocks sold out in no time. The company says this show how popular the vinyl albums are getting among music fans.

Vinyl is certainly returning with interest developing more grounded year by year.  The supermarket giant sees vinyl records as one of the best gifting choices for this Christmas.  Tesco has got vinyl collections for everybody – from new releases for collectors to old time classics for more young fans.

Tesco thinks this as a right time for someone interested in starting their own vinyl album collection to walk into one of Tesco stores and begin collecting the classics. Grocery stores’ capacity to undermine record shops and offer modest CDs was reprimanded partially for the decrease of music retailers all through the 1990s and 2000s. In spite of the surge in its fame, vinyl still makes up a small amount of music sales around the world – around 2 percent in 2014.

Tesco will at first offer the records at 40 branches, however has not discounted amplifying its vinyl stock if the sales proves effective.