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Vegetables prices increases threefold in China


Severe cold weather affecting in Southern China throughout the weekend as residents are racing to stock up on the essential foods and vegetables so they’ll have the capacity to stay at home in the following couple of days, causing some chaos to local authorities. Pictures from stores across the nation appeared in social media that shows big crowd and empty shelves.

Ahead of snowmageddon, the price of essentials tripled at supermarket stores.  In some part of the country the cost of pork has surged from 14 yuan for each 600 grams to 19 yuan, while the costs of vegetables have tripled from 5 yuan for every 500 grams to 15 yuan.

The Local Authorities called residents to relax and stop hoarding. But to little benefit with the coming days forecasted to be the coldest winter in 35 years with the temperature in Shanghai’s urban territories will plunged to minus 7 while it could get as low as less 10 in rural regions.

The National Meteorological Center forecasts that temperatures will soon dive by as much as 13 degrees across the nation. Even Hainan isn’t getting away from this cool wave with temperatures anticipated that would go down to a comfortable 13 degrees.

As of now, the frosty climate is bringing about a few issues in Shanghai where two water channels have braked and many long- distance transports have been canceled. Shanghai occupants are reminded to store some water in basins and wrap up outside water channels with fabric.

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