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Vegalsa-Eroski launches a mesh bag to remove plastic

Vegalsa-Eroski incorporates a new reusable mesh bag as an alternative to the single-use plastic bag for buying fruit and vegetables in bulk. The new mesh bags are washable and can be reused at least 20 times.

The company has decided to extend it to all the stores in its commercial network (Eroski Center, Eroski Hypermarkets, Eroski City and Aliprox franchises, Family Self-Service and Cash Record) after conducting a pilot test in some centres.

These new mesh bags are sold in a batch of four units, have a size of 35 cm x 30 cm and support a weight of 5 kilos. Its use is similar to what has been done so far with plastic bags: customers introduce in them the fruits and vegetables in bulk they wish to purchase, they can close it with some laces that they have incorporated, weigh the purchase on the balance and paste the corresponding label for payment at checkout. The weighing sticker can be easily removed after purchase and the mesh bag can be washed if necessary.

“At Vegalsa-Eroski, we work to provide consumers with more sustainable consumption patterns, adapting both our stores and our products to this end. A good example of this is this initiative that adds to other improvements introduced in the fruit shop section as the increase of references sold in bulk or the replacement of plastic in the trays of some fruits and vegetables. We are also working on the replacement of the current single-use plastic bags with other compostable materials of renewable origin that we hope to start implementing before the end of this year, “says the head of Quality and Environment of the company, Ricardo Castro.

The company recalls that using these mesh bags only four times would prevent the consumption of more than 40 million plastic bags in their stores, which in turn would mean avoiding more than 80 tons of plastic per year.

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