Vaping Effects On Health

In a recent clinical trial the health experts have discovered that vaping does not have any adverse effects on health. Around 200 chain smokers volunteered and started using vape or the e-cigarette for about 24 months while their lung functioning was being monitored and nicotine & tobacco constituents were being recorded.

Nothing extremely concerning really came up and no serious safety concerns were recorded among the volunteers. Using vape was leading in the reduction of nicotine levels and started showing withdrawal symptoms, During the study levels of constituents due a regular cigarette were reducing while the weight was still stagnant.

Some of the leading vape retailers have stated that the study is explanatory in itself and indicates all the major health issues that an individual might have to face if she/he tends to use the vape regularly, hence, they are wise enough to take an informed decision.

The research indicated that the regulation of vape is not modelled on tobacco product, but it encourages innovation and compliance with robust product quality and moreover manufacturing and also taking care of the safety standards.

With the coming in of vape or what they call it is an e-cigarette, the retailers of normal cigarettes had to go through loses and with the statements provided by such studies have resulted in increasing the market and Target Audience for vape retailers. Along with its availability in different flavours, it has attracted a huge number of non-smokers as well.

Vape would soon bring a revolution in the lives of smokers and would soon aim to eliminate the traditional tobacco smoking.