Vannes. Ikea cancels the opening of the withdrawal point

The Swedish furniture brand has just announced that it was finally canceling its project to open a pick-up point at the Vélo & Oxygen, avenue store. from the Marne, to Vannes.

“We rushed to update our website. We finally realized that the implementation of Vélo & Oxygen did not correspond to the needs of our Saint-Herblain store that would have delivered the point of withdrawal and the expectations of customers. We have just warned the managers of Vélo & Oxygen. According to our information, the latter signed the service contract a few months ago and was waiting for the return of the document initialed by Ikea. But it never happened …
The brand does not abandon its project Vannetais. ” says Ikea.

” The country of Vannes continues to interest us strongly. We really want to open a point of withdrawal. In the meantime, the furniture store is moving forward cautiously and does not dare to commit to a date. ” the spokesperson adds.

Back to square one for Ikea which, in recent months, multiplies the openings of withdrawal points. In the West, Dol-de-Bretagne and Ergué-Gabéric are concerned.