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Vampire Vineyards’ offering consumers an opportunity to Own A Piece Of The Tomato with its newest product, the Vampire Gourmet Bloody Mary Cocktail

Vampire Vineyards’ offshoot, The Real Bloody Mary Co., LLC is offering consumers an opportunity to “Own a Piece of the Tomato” with its newest product, the Vampire Gourmet Bloody Mary Cocktail.

Great tasting, all natural and ready-to-drink, the Vampire Gourmet Bloody Mary is the first gourmet Bloody Mary that comes in 12 oz. sleek cans, made with vodka, real tomatoes and natural ingredients, using a patented recipe that prevents the vodka from separating from the tomato juice.

The Vampire Gourmet Bloody Mary Cocktail is the latest spin-off from the wildly successful Vampire Wine brand.  Already hailed with rave reviews from Bloody Mary fans at festivals around the country, Vampire Wines is giving consumers an opportunity to get in on the action by investing in the company via StartEngine.

Poised for success due to Vampire’s existing retailers who are anticipating carrying the product, as well as distributors waiting to take the product across the country, Vampire owner Michael Machat  is raising  up to $1M worth of investment for the brand.

Bloody Mary Enthusiasts have raved about the product. As one prominent blogger notes, “The Vampire Bloody Mary was fantastic! I love that it’s in a can and doesn’t separate. Lots of really rich tomato flavor. It actually tastes like a tomato. You can use this as a base and then if you have a favorite hot sauce you can add that to it, make it more spicy.”

In the words of another enthusiast: “To be able to find a can that is ready to go that doesn’t requiring any doctoring is amazing. This would be a nice change to grabbing a beer at the beach.”

And in the words of another, “It’s the perfect consistency, it’s not to thick it’s not to thin. And, the idea of having it in a can…all I need is ice and it’s perfect.”

The Real Bloody Mary Co is offering up to 20% of its Membership interests for $1,000,000 with the provisions that until those investing recover their investment, 80% of all profits will first go to pay back the investors, along with 5% annual return, with the other 20% going to the Founders.

Once the investors are paid back in full with the 5% annual return, profits will then be distributed pro-rata according to ownership percentage. After all the investors are paid back in full with their 5% annual return, the profits will be distributed 20% to the investors, and 80% to the Founders.

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