Valley to deliver Best Buy Christmas gifts

Christmas is one of the busiest periods ever when it comes to delivering gifts to those little kids waiting for their toys under the Christmas tree, and Best Buy has found the perfect Santa’s wagon for that.

Best Buy started working on the agreement signed with its delivery partner Valley to deliver gifts to its customers. The company has recruited extra seasonal workers to cover the needs of the process.

Lonnie Humphrey, the building director in Dinuba, California, to the local news:  “There’s so much work going on and there’s so much stuff to do, but we realize every single package that goes out of here is a really big deal for somebody. It might be a grandma sending something to her grandchild, it might be a dad that’s buying something for his son. So every gift is important to us. We try to put TLC into every gift that comes out of here,”

Best Buy is afoot working on the preparations of Christmas time to deal with its deliveries when sales reach the climax.