US corporations dominate the world economy


Apple, alphabet, Amazon – the market value of US corporations is clearly moving forward. According to the “Handelsblatt” the ten most valuable companies are all from the US.

Apple remains the most valuable companies in the world with a market capitalization of nearly 550 billion Euros. That’s more value than the whole Swedish economy. Within the past decade, Apple’s stock price has increased by 1,000 percent. The company makes the most with the sales of its flagship product iPhone.

Alphabet, formerly Google jumps to No. 2 from fifth position as expected. With other services such as the video platform YouTube and the mobile operating system Android, it creates the parent alphabet on a market capitalization of 474 billion dollars.

The world’s largest software maker, Microsoft is just behind Alphabet. The company loses one place compared to last year.  The first ten places went to companies from the US. In addition to the digital front-runners, there were also companies from the traditional business models, such as the oil company Exxon Mobile in fifth. Even conglomerates like General Electric (8), the pharmaceutical producer Johnson & Johnson (9) or financial institutions such as Wells Fargo (10), make it among the top ten.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has reason to celebrate. The online retailer which was on 42nd slot last year climbed up to the sixth place. No surprises, Facebook is now among the top ten. The social network now has a community of more than 1.4 billion members. Facebook now owns the photo-sharing app Instagram and the Messenger service WhatsApp. The market value is about 270 billion euros. This took Facebook to the seventh position.

Volkswagen was hit hard by the exhaust scandal. The Wolfsburg-based carmaker is therefore flown out of the top 100th. While another carmaker from Germany, Daimler was able to maintain itself and is ranked 83.

The value of the 100 companies in the ranking has continued to increase in 2015 and is 14 trillion dollars. That is more than the economic strength of Germany, France, Great Britain, Canada, India and Indonesia combined.  Continent wise breakdown of the top 100 companies:  Europe: 26, Asia: 17, United States: 54.