United States: Unemployment rate at its lowest in nine years

The US unemployment rate returned to its lowest level in more than nine years, at 4.6% – down 0.3 point in a month, while analysts were expecting a status quo. The number of unemployed in the United States fell in November to 7.4 million (-387,000).

The world’s largest economy also created 178,000 more jobs than it destroyed in the month, a marked acceleration from the revised figure of 142,000 in October. The uncertainty that accompanied the presidential election of 8 November and the surprise victory of Donald Trump does not seem to have affected the market for employment . Creations were once again dynamic in the services sector (+ 63,000), notably in the health insurance sector (+28,000), but also in the construction sector. In contrast, the manufacturing sector continued to frown with the loss of 4,000 jobs in November.

This fall three tenths of a point from the November unemployment rate, which brings it back to its lowest level since August 2007, is also due to the increased number of outlets of the population active.

The average hourly wage – closely observed by the US central bank – dropped by three cents (-0.1% after a 0.4% jump in October) in one month to 25 , 89 dollars (24.30 euros). This is its first decline in two years. Over one year, its increase is reduced to 2.5%.

The employment figures in November will be considered by the committee political money from the Federal Reserve, which meets on 13 and 14 December and, according to an overwhelming majority of observers, determine a new rate hike.