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Unilever reveals UK wasted 4.2 million Christmas dinners last year

image (1)According to a study conducted by Unilever a total of 4.2 million Christmas dinners were wasted in UK in 2014. Every Christmas an estimated £64 million of food is being wasted as each host spends almost £112 on food alone.

A total of 263,000 turkeys; 7.5 million mince pies; 740,000 cuts of Christmas pudding; 17.2 million Brussels sprouts; 11.9 million carrots and 11.3 million dish potatoes are wasted during last season.

The study was conducted among general public in Brixton Village, south London. The participants said that they more often than not attempt to be innovative and cook the same food in distinctive ways, rather than simply throwing it away. On the other hand, during Christmas, most conceded that they cook a lot more than usual because they were worried that it wouldn’t be sufficient for the whole family and wound up wasting the food.

Snact, an organization initiated by Ilana Taub and Michael Minch-Dixon handles food waste in an innovative and impressive way. The company produces fruit jerky snacks from surplus fruits. These fruits are mostly collected from British farmers.  Working with food that doesn’t even advance toward business outlets, Snact knows about how individuals’ practices are hurting nature and undermining maintainability.

Snact says that more than 50 percent of the food wasted in UK is at home level. Shopping for the adequate quantity is one of the best ways to counter the food wastage. Another way of reducing this wastage is through bringing innovations in food preparation, like making chutneys or smoothies.  If something looks good and smells good then it should be considered good to consume. One need not have to be specific on the dates on the pack, the company opined.

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