In less than half a year, the Real branch in Hürth Park closes. The stated reason for the closure is “the difficult economic situation of the location”, as it is called. Although the employees were informed on Saint Nicholas Day, they have not yet received notice of termination.

Real wants to close the department store at the Hürth-Park shopping center on Theresienhöhe on August 31st. But half a year before leaving Auschwitz, most of the 98 employees still have no idea what to do. “We negotiate with the management on a social plan,” said the works council chairman Silvia grandchild the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”. Company spokesman Markus Jablonski confirms: “The negotiations are still ongoing.”

As a reason for the closure, the Real spokesman cites “the difficult economic situation of the location, the high losses in recent years and a lack of development prospects”.

Center Manager Alexandra Oeser said there are many discussions going on at the moment. “We are trying to maintain our local supply of food in the area,” says Oeser.