UK’s Shift To Healthy Lifestyle Affects Food Delivery Apps and Cookware

In last 12 months United Kingdom population has shifted from shopping a prepared meal to cooking food at home. People have understood the importance of healthy food and researches have indicated that more than eighty per cent of the population is now preferring to cook healthy food at home rather than ordering food.

This trend has brought major boost in sales of cookware and would continue to grow at the rate of 9.9 per cent in the coming four to five years.

Last twelve months have been extremely harsh on the food delivery applications as people have adopted the idea of healthy eating they have decreased purchasing takeaway or home delivery items. Sales have drastically fallen down to 56 per cent within twelve months.

Reports by GlobalData state that it’s a good sign that people have become aware and have started to show interest in healthy living. It also identifies that people believe that cooking at home is a way to stay healthy and by cooking at home they save on their pocket as well.

Delivery applications is definitely a convenient way of eating, shoppers have gradually realised that ordering too frequently is neither healthy and nor easy on the pocket.

Grocers have also shifted from providing discounts on junk food to providing food that is free from harmful ingredients like gluten or sugar.

Keeping the healthy habits in mind cookware retailers in United Kingdom have come up with the new range of non-stick that would help people make food in less oil or butter. Cookware retailers have influenced food bloggers and have come up with a wide range of baking utensils.

People have also looked up for new recipes and positive thoughts of the bloggers have encouraged them to cook more and more at home.

Since people have now started seeing cooking as an alternative to stop eating out and saving money, therefore, they started buying frying pans and roasting trays to save money down the line. People have started to spend more money on high quality of cookware, moreover increasing sales and market value of such products.