UK Supermarkets furious over Aldi’s new advertisment


The recent promotional activity by German discounter has brought discontent among its supermarket rivals. The discounter’s new advertisement claims that the prices in Aldi are cheaper than that of its competitors.  But in truth, Aldi was just comparing prices between big brands and private label alternatives. This according to other major supermarkets, is ‘misleading and disingenuous.’

Aldi’s promotional campaign claims that its prices were thirty percent cheaper than its nearest rivals, obviously targeting supermarket chain, Morrisons. In one of its advertisements, the discounter compares the prices between six products brought from Morrisons and Aldi. But the Morrisons product basket in the advertisement contains more big brands like Tropicana fruit juice, Finish washing powder and Heinz tomato ketchup, whereas the discounter’s product selection incorporate only its own label products. This according to many is not a fair means of comparison.


Aldi’s claims on being cheaper was based on calculating average price per pack during three months up to January.  supermarkets were furious in their response to the Aldi’s promotional campaign. A spokesperson from Morrisons said that no one could be fooled by their criterion of choosing products. They were trying to compare premium products with own labeled products which obviously has to be cheaper, the retailer said.

An Asda spokesperson commented on this that these advertisements will not help any of the customers as they clearly know if  they are purchasing a brand or not. The advertising is clearly disingenuous, the customers are daft, the spokesperson included.


Matthew Barnes, Aldi’s chief executive, said: “We believe the comparison is fair and our products are comparable to brands in terms of quality. Last year, we won over 350 product awards and were second only to Waitrose in terms of the number of Which? best buys we were awarded.